About Us


Founded in 1966, Casa Flora has evolved into a world-leading, customer service-oriented producer of tropical and perennial fern liners. We are based in Dallas, Texas, with additional facilities in Florida and China. We’re a family-based company, though many of our managers are also shareholders – and we have a very active and engaged Board of Directors that include business leaders from outside the industry to make sure we’re getting the big picture and keeping us on a smart path for growth. We try always to treat our customers and our workers right, and to provide a great product at a good price.

Casa Flora offers a full range of product sizes to meet the varying needs of our customers. From small 288 liners for our specialist customers, to our standard 72-cell, to pre-finished 4” pots that quickly close the cycle for our smaller customers, we have a liner tailored to your requirements. Please contact our sales team to design a program that fits your needs and sales time horizon.

We aim to be Your One Stop Fern Source for tropical and hardy ferns. We are committed to helping our customers, and our full-time professional staff is available to answer your horticultural or growing questions. Please contact us if you have questions on specific growing information or general consultation and advice on growing our products.

Casa Flora’s vast geographical representation ensures dependable product, consistent supply, and cost-efficient selections. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve success by providing dependable, top-quality product – when and where you need it.