Letter to Our Customers

Dear Fern Lovers,

We are glad you share our passion for ferns!

At Casa Flora, we are committed to helping you find the products you need, when you need them, and to help you grow them – and your business.

Casa Flora produces both new and familiar varieties of ferns and other plants, at the highest quality and at a fair price, delivered quickly and reliably to our customers with honesty, integrity, and efficiency. We believe that companies do well by doing good. Our goal is to meet your needs as our valued customer.

We offer the highest quality and variety of ferns, a commitment to customer service, convenience (we aim to be the one stop shop for ferns), and of course – the right price!

Casa Flora is also committed to helping you find new angles to help you grow and sell your products. For example, did you know that ferns clean indoor air of toxic pollutants? In the 1970s and 1980s, NASA conducted in-depth studies on indoor air contamination, and ferns came out on top for eliminating formaldehyde (a cancer-causing pollutant found at low but significant levels in a wide variety of indoor products such as carpet, flooring, paper products, plywood – lots of places!). Ferns are also very efficient at removing xylene and toluene chemicals that are also commonly found in indoor air spaces. There’s more information on this on our new website (including a link to the NASA report), and we think that the more people are aware of this, the more people will want a fern or two for their interior spaces or living areas. Who doesn’t like cleaner air?

Ferns are also used for bogs and/or soil remediation areas; if this is a market niche you’d like to explore, our sales team will be happy to help you find the products that are right for specific jobs.

Over the years, we have adapted to meet the industry needs for more varieties that are native ferns. Casa Flora sells 33 species of native American ferns – including many likely growing naturally in your area. With adequate attention in their first year “Mother Nature” pretty much takes over after that. Casa Flora is committed to helping you target this growing customer base that is interested in growing natives.

Casa Flora is geared to help you find the products you need when you need them, and we have the inventory to be able to fill as many of those “last minute” orders as we can. We’re committed to continual innovation and finding new and improved ways to meet your needs. We want to hear from you on ways we might serve your needs even better.

Our goal is to provide great plants and help you grow and support your business. We look forward to working with you to make that happen!

Richard Lim, President
Naud Burnett II, Chairman
Burke Burnett, Vice-Chairman

Casa Flora