Fertilizing, Watering, and Soil pH

What type of fertilizer should I use on perennial ferns/tropical ferns?

Ferns need very little fertilizer. At Casa Flora we use a 20-15-20 water soluble fertilizer. We check our ppm weekly and apply fertilizer as needed. We use about 120 ppm N for our Perennials and 150 ppm for our Tropicals.  If the plants are growing slower during the winter, we adjust our fertilizing accordingly.  We do not recommend using slow release fertilizers, which have been known to burn our ferns.

How often should I water perennial ferns/tropical ferns?

Allow soil to dry moderately between watering. If conditions are hot, more frequent watering may be necessary to prevent desiccation.

What type of soil should I use for growing a 4”/ 1GAL/ 8” hanging basket?

Casa Flora recommends that you use a perennial bark mix or peat-based mix that is well-drained.

What pH should I keep my soil?

pH 5.5 to pH 6.5 is acceptable for most fern varieties.