Marketing Your Ferns

Marketing and Selling Your Plants

How can I market ferns?

Marketing perennial ferns often goes hand in hand with shade garden promotions. With the limited selection of material available for shade gardens, ferns can add height, texture, and color accents.  There are many ferns suitable for small places, rock gardens, or even for vast sweeps of shady areas. Versatility with ferns is limited only by your imagination.  For our customers in North America, Casa Flora highly recommends the paperback edition of Ferns For American Gardens (ISBN 0-02-584491-1) by Dr. John Mickel.  You will get a feel for the fantastic variety and number of fern varieties and their characteristics – and how they might be deployed to improve your gardens and your gardening sales.  We recommend Mickel’s book as  “…A book that should be on every fern lover’s shelf.”

In addition, ferns are great for houseplants. As one of the most popular indoor ferns, Boston ferns create a classic feel in any room. Its arching, lacy fronds make it well-suited to hanging baskets. Although has a delicate appearance, a Boston fern can live for decades if you keep it moist and give it moderate light and enough humidity. The variety ‘Dallas’ is more compact and more tolerant of dry air. It’s also a great selling point – and not widely enough known – that Boston type ferns remove toxic pollutants from indoor air. We think this is an outstanding selling point – see below for more information.

Is it true that ferns clean the air?

Yes! NASA’s Clean Air Study documented the fact that Boston Fern not only removes toxic formaldehyde (a carcinogenic air pollutant emitted by every day household products) better than any other plant. It also removes xylene and toluene. Although the study looked only at true Boston fern, it seems very reasonable that other Boston-type ferns have similar properties. So it’s true that a single Boston hanging basket can actually make your home or office a safer and healthier place to live. Plus, its cool and calm vibes will make your office seem less stressful and your home more relaxing. We’ll be posting more information on this topic that you can use for marketing purposes in the Media section soon.

You can find the original NASA report here.

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