Treating Diseases & Pests

What type of insects would cause problems on ferns? What pesticide should I use to treat my plants?

We occasionally encounter aphids or caterpillars for which we recommend Orthene or other approved insecticides at half of the recommended rate on the label.  Ferns are sensitive to many pesticides so trial before you use, never apply to a dry fern and be aware that high air temperatures can make the ferns more sensitive.

Why do I have fungus problems? What fungicide should I use to treat my ferns?

Foliage fungus problems tend to occur when the foliage is overgrown, constantly wet, and cool night temperatures prevail.

There are several good fungicides on the market.  The situation you are in will dictate what application rate, type of fungicide and method of application you use. As of now the strongest group of fungicide on the market is group 11. If you are battling a major war with Botrytis due to over watering or humidity you may find that Medallion is your best friend. For preventative purposes, use it as a drench, but If you are treating Botrytis, you must spray. If you are battling Thielaviopsis you will find that it’s best treated with drench using Banrot 40WP. Heucheras are susceptible to Thielaviopsis however using Banrot 40WP can prevent this. Other fungicides such as Decree 50 WDG, Spectro 90 WDG, Subdue Maxx and Root Shield or Plant Shield work well also. Identifying your issue, researching chemicals, prevention and using the correct method of treatment will save you much heart ache and many headaches.

What should I avoid using on Ferns?

Do not spray oil-based products on ferns.

Why do the plants I received have black spots on them and smell bad?

When we ship, we pre-treat our product with fungicide. However, black rot can still happen during the shipping process due to temperature changes and condensation within the box.  If this happens, we recommend spacing, good air circulation, drying them out and treatment with fungicide.

Why are my fern roots brown?

Unlike most plants, fern roots are supposed to be brown although the tips should be clear and slightly white.