Unpacking Your Order

When you receive your boxes of fern plugs from Casa Flora, please remove the trays from the boxes as soon as possible. Place the trays in an area with sufficient light and air movement. Casa Flora does not ship broken or jumbled plants. If you find these conditions or if the boxes are damaged, please make a claim with the shipping company immediately – they are your agent.

Plant trays shipped via FedEx, airlines, or truck lines in custom tray dividers will arrive in protective tipper-tie-netting. Please remove the netting. Insert the tip of the mini-safety cutter into the net at one end of the tray, and while lifting the net, slide the cutter from one end to the other of the tray. The net will then fold out of the way. Water immediately if needed.

Please be careful when removing the plants from the plug tray. Removing the plants by the leaves may tear the leaves from the roots or crush the growing crown. Remove the plugs using a plug de-lodger, blunt spatula or reshaped spoon. Don’t pull plugs out by the leaves.

Casa Flora