Dallas Fern

Nephrolepis exaltata 'Dallasii Ramet cv' 'Dallas Jewel'

Dallas Fern

This outstanding Boston-type fern was introduced and patented by Casa Flora in 1985. We knew it would be a perfect house plant when we were in growth trials. It is a triploid and doesn’t shed leaflets or lose ┬ácolor when brought into dimmer light conditions to the home from a bright greenhouse. It will perform well as a good low maintenance interiorscape plant as well. Its fronds are shorter and grow in different planes to give it a ruffled appearance. The size of the frond is determined by the pot size so Dallas does not overgrow its pot. Good for 4-6-8 inch pots or baskets. The patent has expired, so pricing is now lower – but it’s still the same great plant!

Habit: Spreading

Range: Zones 10 - 10 Learn more about zones


Type: Evergreen

Collection(s): Tropical

Casa Flora Number: 13030