Log Fern

Dryopteris celsa

Log Fern

Dryopteris celsa, the log fern, is by nature a swamp lover (on logs?) but lacking a swamp can enjoy life in moist to wet preferably acidic garden habitats. The strongly vertical 3 to 4 foot deciduous fronds are a lustrous green and, of note, evenly tapered to the tips. It is a fertile hybrid between Dryopteris ludoviciana (southern shield fern) and Dryopteris goldiana (Goldie’s wood fern). Although the latter is no longer found in the south it bequeathed cold tolerance to its offspring. Consequently Dryopteris celsa is at home in climates zones from 5

Habit: Clumping

Range: Zones 5 - 9 Learn more about zones


Type: Evergreen

Collection(s): Hardy, Native

Casa Flora Number: 58062