MacFadden’s Lace Fern

Microlepia strigosa Macfaddeniae

MacFadden's Lace Fern

Macfadden’s Lace Fern (Microlepia strigosa ’Macfaddeniae’), with its string of fine pinnae lining the frond, looks from a distance like the popular British cultivar Athyrium filix-femina ‘Frizelliae’.

This variety has bushels of fronds ranging up to a foot in height that form a dense compact mass of lacy foliage suggestive of a curly green wig.

As common for its type, it is evergreen in warm mild climates but becoming less so as the temperatures drop in zones 7 and 8. Even when deciduous, it holds its fronds well into autumn before going dormant. It is a choice and easy selection and excellent for edging the border of a lightly-shaded garden site.

Habit: Clumping

Range: Zones 6 - 10 Learn more about zones


Type: Deciduous

Collection(s): Hardy, Unique

Casa Flora Number: 64060