Mexican Flowering Fern

Anemia mexicana

Mexican Flowering Fern

The Mexican flowering fern (Anemia mexicana) is, like all Anemias, unusual in bearing two types of fronds, the sterile and fertile.

The somewhat leathery and slightly hairy sterile fronds look teasingly like Cyrtomiums. The fertile fronds are held upright and could pass for Astilbes, hence “flowering”.

While obviously a native of Mexico this species is also found very locally on lightly shaded limestone in Texas. It is evergreen, drought tolerant and reputed to be deer-resistant. Try it in a dry pocket in Zone 8 (with protection) to Zone 11.

Habit: Spreading

Range: Zones 8 - 11 Learn more about zones


Type: Persistant

Collection(s): Hardy, Native, Unique

Casa Flora Number: 35500