New York Fern

Thelypteris noveboracensis

New York Fern

The New York Fern (Thelypteris noveboracensis) is also sometimes called the Tapering Fern because the fronds taper at both ends. It’s a familiar sight along highways as well as undisturbed areas in eastern North America.

Without judicious regular “pruning” it can be invasive in average gardens. By contrast, with its vigorous spreading tendency it is useful for filling in and decorating difficult, otherwise neglected,┬ámoist to wet ┬ásites. The deciduous fronds are lightweight and turn a golden yellow before dying down in the fall.

Completely cold hardy, this New Yorker will colonize in Zones 4.

Habit: Spreading

Range: Zones 4 - 8 Learn more about zones


Type: Deciduous

Collection(s): Hardy, Native

Casa Flora Number: 76060