Soft Shield Alaskan Fern

Polystichum setiferum divisilobum

Soft Shield Alaskan Fern

Polystichum setiferum ‘Divisilobum’, known as the Alaska fern although it is a cultivar from the UK, is a finely divided evergreen that presents a lovely, low spreading horizontal rosette of soft looking foliage. The two foot fronds occasionally bear fertile bulbils that can be pinned down (best to do the entire frond) on good compost in the fall to produce a crop of babies come spring. This fern lightens the garden picture and is especially attractive en masse under somber dark evergreen shrubbery. It is hardy in Zones 6 – 8 although with proper protection it has been reported growing successfully in Zone 5.

Habit: Crown

Range: Zones 6 - 8 Learn more about zones


Type: Evergreen

Collection(s): Hardy

Casa Flora Number: 73002