Wavy Cloak Fern

Cheilanthes (Syn. Astrolepis, Notholaena) sinuata

Wavy Cloak Fern

Astrolepis sinuata, the former Cheilanthes sinuata, the wavy cloak fern, is one of the prettiest xerics. The narrow 6 to 18 inch upright fronds are tightly trimmed in chubby, starry-haired blue pinnae. By handsome contrast the stems are pinkish. In the wild, this evergreen wanders around in dryish gulches and on partially sunny hillsides. In the garden it needs a specially created similar habitat with good drainage and low moisture. In areas of high winter rainfall a container facing south and protected from the whims of weather under the eaves or similar “umbrella” of a building serves the need. Better yet a sheltered alpine house provides an ideal setting. Given the right conditions this is a very attractive addition to Zone 8

Habit: Spreading

Range: Zones 8 - 10 Learn more about zones


Type: Persistant

Collection(s): Hardy, Native

Casa Flora Number: 46060